Buy Gun Magazines Online at Armory ammo

Buy Gun Magazines Online at Armory ammo

For people who love guns, having a good gun magazine is really important. Whether you’re a pro shooter, just shoot for fun, or like to collect guns, the right magazine can make shooting much better. If you want to buy gun magazines online, you should check out Armory Ammo. Let’s talk about the different types of gun magazines we have.

Order Gun Magazines Online

Order Gun Magazines Online

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Why Choose Armory Ammo?

Armory Ammo is a great place for gun lovers to get high-quality accessories. We have a lot of gun magazines on our website, catering to different types of guns and what shooters like. You’ll find a big selection of magazines, and we always make sure our products are good quality and reliable.

Types Of Gun Magazines

Detachable Box Magazines (DBM)

DBMs are really common and work with a lot of different guns. They look like boxes, often made of metal or plastic, with a spring inside to load bullets into the gun. These magazines are easy to use, reload quickly, and come in different sizes.

Single-Stack Magazines

The Single-Stack Magazines are slim, with bullets stacked in a single line. They don’t hold as many bullets as other types, but they make the gun easier to hold. People often use them for guns they carry hidden because they’re slim and easy to keep out of sight.

Double-Stack Magazines

Double-stack magazines hold more bullets because the bullets are stacked in two rows. This design gives you more bullets without making the magazine wider. They’re great for competitions, home defense, and shooting at ranges.

Drum Magazines

Drum magazines hold a lot of bullets, sometimes even more than 50 or 100. They look like cylinders and are big and heavy compared to other magazines. But, they give you a lot of firepower, so they’re popular for certain guns like submachine guns.

Extended Magazines

The Extended magazines are longer than the gun’s handle. They can hold more bullets while still being a good size for the gun. Shooters like them because they give extra bullets without making the gun too big.

Finding the Right Magazine at Armory Ammo?

Armory Ammo has a lot of different magazines to choose from. Whether you want a slim single-stack for your hidden gun or a big double-stack for competitions, we’ve got what you need.

Here are some of the top picks you can find at Armory Ammo;

  • Glock OEM Magazines: These are trusted by shooters worldwide, made for Glock pistols in different sizes.
  • Magpul PMAG Series: Known for being tough and reliable, these are made for AR-15 rifles, AK-pattern rifles, and more.
  • Wilson Combat 1911 Magazines: These are carefully made for 1911 guns, with a focus on top performance. 

If you’re looking to buy gun magazines online, Armory Ammo is a great choice. We have a wide range of magazines, from versatile DBMs to big drum magazines. We make sure our products are top-notch, so you can trust that you’re getting quality. Check out our online store today to get ready for your next shooting session or competition.